2018 FBI G2 Razorback

2018 FBI G2 Razorback

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NEW 2018 FBI G2 Razorback: SALE PRICE $59,900 ($69,00)

-131 JIMS motor
-Screaming Eagle 6-Speed Transmission and primary RC Components
-SE air cleaner kit
-Fuel Injected Thundermax Auto Tune
-180x16 Rear End
-18" front brake rotor and chrome 6-piston caliper
-36 degree raked front end with single-sided/smooth bottom billet fork legs
-FBI Front Air Ride
-Our frame is the Air Tank with on-board compressor
-Air operated center stand
-Custom bars with hand controls, integrated cables, lines and wiring
-Sport 2-Up seat
-Hand-laid composite fiberglass body components
-Billet footboards and shifter assemblies
-FBI iFairing with Dakota Digital Guages (iPad Not Included)
-6 1/2 focal poly glass speakers with 2-channel 250 watt ARC audio amp
-New LED headlight
-LED fairing turn signals
-Custom LED flush lighting on rear fenders and saddlebag lids

FBI Motorcycles have been produced by FBI Motor Co., a division of Fat Baggers, Inc. since 2005. Their bikes are designed to ride as good as they look and can be serviced at Harley Davidson Dealerships. The bikes have a great customer following!

Please call our sales team at 1-877-FBI-BIKE for more information.

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